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We want you to love vacationing with us. Family vacations can be tough to plan. We’re here to make them as easy and amazing as possible, year after year.

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Welcome to Horizons by Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated, the first place to turn when canceling or selling timeshares is on your mind.

We care about everyone who owns with us, from Silverleaf and Orange Lake Resorts (now Holiday Inn Club Vacations Incorporated) owners to Holiday Inn Club members. We know personal situations can change over time. which is why we created Horizons, an easy service designed for those wanting to get out of their timeshare permanently and never pay maintenance fees again. If you’re exploring possible next steps in your vacation ownership or even thinking about selling your timeshare, we would like to know about that, too, as there may be options open to you.

Are You Considering Exiting Your Timeshare?

Our Exit Specialist team is here to help you explore all your options and determine the best decision for you.

Know Your Ownership Type And Contact Us First

If you’re an owner without a mortgage and find yourself unable to use your timeshare as you’d hoped due to financial hardships, health issues or other unforeseen difficulties, you may qualify for one of our safe and secure options to exit your ownership with us. Simply contact us for details and next steps.

If you have a mortgage and are looking to sell your timeshare or exit your ownership, there may still be options available to you. Every owner’s situation is different (including those wishing to sell Holiday Inn Club Vacations or Silverleaf timeshares), so we want to hear from you.