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Contact your timeshare developer, Resort Management Company or HOA, to discuss what kind of programs they have in place for owners who want to exit. Click on your participating timeshare developer’s logo to connect.

Find Your Timeshare Exchange Company

If your timeshare resort developer is not listed, your exchange company may be able to connect you to your resort or Home Owners Association (HOA), as well as provide additional information that can help to inform your decision, including usage options, in addition to selling your timeshare.

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Fortunately, my resort allows owners to deed the timeshare back to the association. I didn’t get anything for it, but I didn’t have to keep paying maintenance. I was only out $4,000 because we bought it from my wife’s mother years ago. We figured we got the value back over the years.

Marc T.

In 2014 my husband and I went through one of these so-called exit companies and ended up paying $6300! And we were dumb enough to fall for it, but we wanted out so badly!

Judy L.

Too many scammers out there. Call the timeshare company yourself.

Debbie A.

Last year, Wyndham took mine back after 18 years – no cost to me.

Ronnie Z.

We were contacted to attend a dinner to learn how to exit our timeshare contract. I immediately checked the internet where I found your letter with instructions to contact ARDA. Thank you for protecting timeshare owners.

Cheryl V.

Happy ending! Because of your website saying that one of the first places I should contact is the resort itself, I finally did. The minute I did, I found out that the Marriott does indeed have a sales and buy back program. So, it was the best possible outcome for me, thanks to ARDA-ROC. I was also able to reverse the Transfer company’s charge to my card because I found out the information in time. Not only did I save $3195, I will actually make money and save thousands of dollars in the future in yearly maintenance fees.

Rebecca F.

A fraudulent reseller did contact my mom, said they have a buyer for her timeshare, then emailed a contract to her. There was ARDA printed on the top left corner of the contract. So that’s why I looked up your company. They are asking her to pay $1,704.00 in fees. I can’t thank you enough for the info you shared!

Kristel R.

I will be contacting the Attorney General’s office for the State of California. Thank you for your assistance.

Larry H.

It is a shame that a consumer has to go through all these bells and whistles to protect their assets. I’m extremely glad that there are organizations like yours that are there for the innocent consumer, we need more.

Pamela H.

These companies really make me angry so I am trying to gather as much information as possible and then get the information out on the Internet so that more people are not scammed. Thanks again for your time and knowledge as it is very much appreciated.

Jon K.

I have been deleted off the Timeshare Exit Companies because I warn people about the latest timeshare scam. Never pay any monies upfront and always check the companies out with the BBB and read carefully what they state. Have them put in writing how and who they were successful in getting them out of that timeshare….. NOT JUST HELPED.

Sonny G

No, you can’t cancel my timeshare. It’s been paid for since 1987 and I love it. My family and I have been all over the world as a result. Don’t you even dare try and cancel it.

David D.

Sorry, we LOVE our timeshare!! I wouldn’t sell it to anyone.

Penny D.

I love my beachfront timeshare! Been using it for almost 30 years.

Suzanne B.