Warning Signs of Timeshare Scams: Protect Yourself and Your Investment

In recent years, the timeshare industry has seen a rise in fraudulent activities targeting timeshare owners. Scammers use a variety of tactics to deceive and defraud unsuspecting victims. To protect yourself and your investment, it’s crucial to be aware of the warning signs of timeshare exit scams.

Two common warning signs are:

  1. Asking for Off-Property Meetings
    Scammers often ask for meetings outside of the timeshare property or official sales offices. This tactic allows them to avoid detection by resort staff and other timeshare professionals. Be cautious of anyone requesting an off-property meeting to discuss your timeshare.
  2. Asking for Large Up-front Fees
    Fraudsters frequently demand large up-front fees before providing any services. This can include fees for listing, advertising, or legal services related to timeshare sales or transfers. Legitimate companies typically do not require significant up-front payments.

A fraudulent scheme has been circulating, attempting to entice individuals by falsely claiming to be the American Resort Development Association (ARDA) and inviting them to a meeting concerning the reimbursement of maintenance fees as a result of the pandemic. It’s essential to note that no one from ARDA would ever contact or reach out to sell your timeshare. ARDA is an industry association that promotes responsible practices and ethical standards in the timeshare industry. We do not engage in direct timeshare sales or resale activities.

If you’re considering selling or exiting your timeshare, we recommend using ARDA’s Responsible Exit program as a resource. This site provides timeshare owners with accurate information and guidance on how to safely and responsibly exit their timeshare ownership. You can learn more about Responsible Exit by visiting our website. If you have been contacted by someone saying that they work for or with ARDA but are unsure if it is a scam, please email us at [email protected] so we may assist.

Being aware of these warning signs and using reputable resources like ARDA’s Responsible Exit can help protect you and your hard-earned money from timeshare scams. Always exercise caution and do your research before engaging with any individual or company claiming to assist with timeshare sales or exits.