InvesTours Marketing Group Advisory

The American Resort Development Association Resort Owners’ Coalition (ARDA-ROC) has been made aware of reported deceptive activity by InvesTour Marketing Group. Callers to the Ask ROC! consumer line report that company marketing agents are soliciting timeshare owners to coerce them into attending a meeting/dinner to attempt to sell them some type of vacation product. Consumers state they are told they are eligible to receive a refund of maintenance fees paid in 2020 due to Covid, and that the meeting is being hosted by ARDA, or is in affiliation with ARDA.

It is important to know that ARDA, ARDA-ROC and Ask ROC! are NOT affiliated in any way nor have ever been affiliated with this company or these practices. We caution all timeshare owners to be wary of such solicitations. We are aware these meetings have taken place in the following locations: Carnegie Hotel located in Johnson City, TN; Hilton Garden Inn located in Asheville, NC; Hampton Inn located in Hickory, NC; and a Hilton located in Rosemont, IL. If you receive any such contact, ARDA urges you to reach out to our Ask ROC! Team at [email protected] or (855) 939-1515.

If you feel that you have been a part of a scam, contact your local authorities to file a report, reach out to your state’s attorney general and file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. ARDA-ROC encourages owners to thoroughly research any company before doing business with them. For more information about timeshare ownership and tips to ensure a safe buying or selling experience, visit