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At Westgate, we proudly provide affordable vacation luxury for families. “Good enough is never good enough!” is the Westgate Resorts motto.

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The Legacy Program by Westgate Resorts assists owners in understanding available options for transitioning away from vacation ownership.

The Legacy Program offers Westgate Resorts owners the ONLY developer-guaranteed release option out there. We provide safe and secure exit options for all qualifying accounts, and we’re not affiliated with any third-party companies — so our focus is to work directly with our Owners.

The Legacy Program Staff Stands Ready To Assist You

We take each owner’s individual circumstances and ownership into account in order to customize options.

The Legacy Program Was Designed Just For You

We’ll work directly with you to discuss your options, including: returning your ownership to the Developer; understanding the resale market; or transitioning your ownership to a family member, friend or acquaintance.

By working directly with Westgate Resorts, owners can relinquish their timeshare with little effort and relieve themselves of all future maintenance fee obligations. With us, you’ll receive all pertinent information relating to your timeshare. We’ll also ensure that you avoid the fraudulent timeshare resale scams of third-party “transfer,” “relief” or “exit” companies.

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