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Experiences Vacation Ownership by Welk is a fully licensed Real Estate Brokerage and full-service travel platform offering an array of travel options in the Southern California area.

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At Welk Owner Services, you’ll find yourself not only working with a team of experts, but with friends who put your best interests first.

Although people love their timeshare with Welk, there are times when they must part ways with it. If the decision ultimately is to sell your timeshare, we can help — whether your property is deeded or points-based.

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Welk Owner Services staff stand ready to discuss your specific needs. We specialize in the buying and selling of timeshare intervals, and we can provide you with all the information and programs you need to avoid falling victim to timeshare ownership scams.

We purchase directly from sellers and handle the process from start to finish, including: title verification, easy-to-understand contracts, and step-by-step documentation (such as grant deeds and point certificates).

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