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With 60+ Locations throughout the US and Caribbean, you’re guaranteed to find your perfect destination with Capital Vacations.

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At Capital Vacations, we believe in the value of taking ownership of your vacation experience and understand travel preferences change as well as financial circumstances. If you’re evaluating your Capital Vacations timeshare and if it’s right for you, we offer options.

See All Options, Tailored Specifically For You.

For all exit inquires, please follow the link below and complete the provided form. That form allows the Capital Vacations Owner Services team to research your account and offer you personalized solutions tailored for you. For general inquires, you can always reach Owner Services at (844) 777-2582.

Capital Vacations Provides Personalized Solutions

Whether you’re evaluating your ownership or experiencing difficulty utilizing it, our Owner Services team is here to help.

If you’ve received unsolicited contact regarding your timeshare – please contact us first. Predatory exit companies target the industry as a whole and have charged Capital Vacations owners upwards of three times more to exit their ownership. The only safe, secure, and legal way to make changes to your Capital Vacations vacation ownership is to contact Capital Vacations directly.

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