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Bluegreen Vacations delivers memorable vacation experiences at popular destinations across the United States — from tropical beaches to golf getaways. We believe in the power of vacation.

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At Bluegreen Vacation Club, our goal is to provide you and your family with a lifetime of unforgettable vacations. We’re proud to provide quality, flexibility, and choice to over 220,000 owners in our Vacation Club.

We also understand that lifestyles and vacation needs change over time. If your needs have changed, we’re here to listen. We stand ready to offer a range of options to help you decide if you’d still like to maintain your ownership.

Our Customer Care Specialists Are Here To Help

We’ll provide solutions to help you make an informed decision.

Wondering If Your Bluegreen Vacation Club Ownership Timeshare Is Still A Good Fit For You And Your Family?

Our friendly and knowledgeable Customer Care Specialists will help you understand your options. We provide simple and safe exit solutions tailored to your specific circumstances.

You should know that there are many unscrupulous timeshare resale and “relief” companies that are contacting timeshare owners with deceptive offers. Before you make any decisions, please contact our Customer Care Specialists.

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