Timeshare Ownership Paperwork

Information you need if you are considering selling or exiting your timeshare.

  • Name, address and phone number of your timeshare resort.
  • The deed and or contract or membership agreement which clearly identifies the timeshare you own.
  • The financing agreement (if you are still paying for the property) —remember you’ll have to pay this off before you can transfer your timeshare to a new owner.
  • Any title insurance information.
  • Any other information to identify clearly your membership.
  • The exchange company affiliated with your timeshare resort.
  • The amount and due date of your maintenance fee and whether it has been paid for the current year.
  • If billed separately, the amount of real estate taxes owed on your timeshare, the due date and whether they have been paid for the current year.
  • The date your timeshare will next become available for use by a new owner or when a new owner can first make a reservation.
  • Is your timeshare a fixed week or floating week unit and/or does it require an advanced reservation?
  • Gather copies of the documents governing the resort owner’s association, if any, the resort’s rules and regulations, reservation rules and any other information that would be helpful to a new owner, such as area attractions.
  • Know whether or not your timeshare is legally classified as real estate or personal property as this will make a difference in how it is conveyed to a new owner.
  • Check with your owners’ association or resort manager to determine if there is any documentation they need in order to complete any sale.