"Thank you very much for the information and your quick response. I suspect that this is a scam and will take all precautions should we have any further dialogue with this company."

- Mark Y., Oklahoma City, OK

"I'm contacting a different broker in Florida. Thanks for your suggestion and replying on time."

- Daniel B., Chile

"Thank you so much for a thoughtful and clear response. Your email does give us peace of mind and helps us understand your organization more. And yes, we will research further before we make future dealings."

- King Y., British Columbia, Canada

"Thank you for your response to my email inquiry. I will spend some time looking at the links that you sent to me. I am simply trying to avoid the many scams that surround the time-share market and deal with a reputable agent. Your assistance will help to narrow my search."

- Jerry H., East Lansing, MI